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The Company

Welcome to HAMKO Industries Ltd, a family company of HAMKO Group, Bangladesh.

Founded in 1979 HAMKO Group is a leading producer of Automotive & Industrial Batteries in Bangladesh. The group has commercial business operations of Battery Components & Chemicals, Metal Refinery, Tyres, Solar Panels, IPS/UPS, Plastic House ware, Leather Footwear & Leather Processing Tannery Industry.

After 03 decade of Business HAMKO Group expand their production excelling the expertise in injection molding in producing world class housewares and furniture items at Fakirhat, Bagerhat, Bangladesh.

Our total industrial Space is 14,000 square meter which includes production facilities of 3800 m2 and warehouse facility of 2800 square meter with setup of 46 Injection Molding machines having capacity from 60-1600 MT.

We also have Injection Mould Development Team and Materials sourcing office in China. Apart from serving 165 million people locally we expand our business exporting India and Middle East. We believe in working with our customers for long term, with their trust and our commitments as a valued supplier.

Exclusive Products

H 28-01

H 11-01

H 33-01

H 46-01

H 16-01

H 16-01
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